Mexican tarot reader Antonio Vazquez Alba, who calls himself as "grand warlock", has predicted that Barack Obama will not be successful in his re-election bid this November.

Alba has been making predictions about famous people for the past 25 years.

"I feel Obama will lose. They will attack him a lot. The Republicans have all the money in the U. S. and so they are putting a lot of pressure on him to make mistakes," Alba told a press conference in Mexico City.

Meanwhile, Democrat supporters from Iowa listened to President Obama as he spoke to them through video conference.

The President addressed 250 Democratic caucus sites where he spoke about the promises he had made and sought more time to fulfil those.

"The problems that we've been dealing with over the last three years didn't happen overnight, and we're not going to fix them overnight," Obama said, speaking from a hotel in Washington. The president, who is seeking re-election, also answered questions from the gathering.

The president highlighted his policy to withdraw from Iraq, revamping the healthcare system and more regulations for the financial sector. He said his priority would be to focus on generating jobs and raise tax rates on the affluent to fund education and develop the infrastructure.

Obama, who spent Christmas and New Year in Hawaii, returned to Washington early on Tuesday.

Although it is believed that Obama would easily win in Iowa, Obama and his campaigners are working to ensure his victory in the November presidential elections.

Obama's campaigners have set up eight offices in Iowa, arranged for 450,000 phone calls and hosted a series of other events to garner support.