President Obama narrowly avoided what would have been a nasty fall after loosing his footing while dismounting Air Force One.

The incident occurred as the US leader exited the private jet Upton his return to Washington DC from a golfing trip in Florida at the weekend. But after steadying himself by holding on to a railing, the US President continued on his journey down the stairs and across the tarmac.

Obama, who is expected to attend the dedication of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute in Boston on Monday, soon composed himself and was seen conversing with Scott Van Duzer, a pizza shop owner who picked up Obama in a big bear hug during a 2012 campaign stop.

President Robert Mugabe may want to take tips from Obama's book on the art of recovering from a fall without losing any cool points.

In February 2015, Mugabe was said to have had 27 bodyguards punished for failing to prevent him falling down the steps from a podium at Harare airport, in an incident that drew widespread mockery and triggered hilarious memes.

The 91-year-old Zimbabwean President, who claims that despite his age, he is "fit as two fiddles", was caught on camera stumbling on a red carpet and falling to his knees after addressing supporters who gathered to welcome him back from a trip to Ethiopia.

Although his staff scrambled to cover up the embarrassing incident, the images spread like wildfire thanks to social media.

"The issue here is simple. The security team was caught napping," a security source was quoted as saying. "There are many departments that are being investigated, from Air Zimbabwe, the advance team and the security. I doubt if some of them will come back."