FC Barcelona president Joan Laporta has revealed that he is hoping for Lionel Messi to sign his contract extension either on June 24 or June 29. However, he admitted that a final agreement has not yet been reached with the player, but he remains optimistic that the Argentine will decide to stay.

Reports from earlier this month stated that Messi has agreed to an extension, and only the finer details are being settled. However, Laporta denied these reports, clarifying that the deal is not done.

"I would like to say that [Messi's contract renewal] is already done, but it is not like that," he said, as quoted by Marca. However, Laporta made it clear that things are still going in the right direction from his perspective. "The talks are going well, but it is not done. The idea is to reach an agreement as soon as possible. It is convenient for him and also for us because if we solve this matter others would be solved faster."

Laporta surely has many reasons why he wants to wrap things up quickly with Messi. First of all, the 6-time-Ballon d'Or winner's salary takes up a large chunk of the club's yearly expenditures. Whether he stays or decides to leave will have massive implications on how much cash the club will be able to use for the remainder of the summer transfer window.

Of course, Laporta maintains that he would much rather have Messi stay even if it means having less cash to throw around. "We are confident because he wants to stay. We are doing everything possible to offer him a competitive team. We have signed Kun [Aguero] who reminds him every day at the Copa America that he has to sign so they can play together," said Laporta, who admitted for the first time that Aguero's signing had the direct purpose of convincing Messi to stay.

Messi is reportedly more concerned about the sporting angle versus the financial angle when it comes to making his decision. "I am optimistic. He wants to stay and we do what we can. It is not easy. He is still the best in the world and is coveted by other clubs that have greater financial potential."

Laporta also took a swipe at Paris Saint-Germain, who reportedly "hijacked" Barcelona's attempt to sign Liverpool midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum, by offering twice as much as what the Catalans offered. "We compete against state clubs that can undermine transfers that we are trying [to carry out]. It is not fair," he said.

The club president, who has claimed that Messi's contract is his number one priority this summer, is asking for patience as he tries to get their captain to put pen to paper. Barca fans have gotten more tense after rivals Real Madrid announced the departure of their captain Sergio Ramon on Thursday, clearly showing that even club legends may leave at the drop of a hat.

Laporta then said that it would be a good gift if Messi signs the contract on the 29th, which is his birthday, or on the 24th, which in turn in Messi's birthday.

Lionel Messi
Resolving Lionel Messi's future will be a priority for Barcelona's new president AFP / Josep LAGO