FC Barcelona player Gerard Pique is the latest personality to weigh in on the ongoing European Super League debacle. Even though his club is one of the founding members of the breakaway tournament, he thinks that a "better model" should be found before moving forward.

Following a tumultuous 72-hours since the official announcement of the ESL, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus are the only remaining clubs who have not withdrawn from the ESL. There were 12 founding members that were initially involved, but a massive exodus took place within less than 48 hours led by the six Premier League sides which pulled out in the face of pressure and direct threats from UEFA.

"If I look at it from a player's point of view, from a global point of view, I don't think it's a positive thing in the long-term for the world of football," said Pique, as quoted by Marca. He explains further that he does not feel like the current format of the ESL will work, and it might end up compromising the sustainability of domestic leagues.

"They'll end up getting the money that the [domestic] leagues make. And then the numbers will come out," he said.

Pique admits that Barcelona is in the Super League particularly because of their desperate financial situation. "At the moment, Barcelona are one of the founders of the Super League. I think the club's financial situation plays a very important part in this decision," he said as quoted by Marca.

He went on to admit that club president Joan Laporta needs to find a solution to the club's financial struggles. "If I put my president's hat on, which is what [Joan] Laporta has to do, you're walking into an inherited situation and a very bad situation financially," Pique said. "He will make the best decision for the club.

"What is clear is that the model has to change. We have to strike a balance where the big clubs can coexist with the not-so-big clubs," he said, while describing the formation of the ESL as "pure and hard capitalism."

Despite this, he has not slammed the plans entirely. Instead, he thinks that improvements must be made in order to make the new proposed system work. "It's not a perfect model. We have to find a more balanced model," he said.

Gerard Pique
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