Barclays Bank
Barclays customers are reporting trouble accessing their money Reuters

Barclays' tech problems are leaving customers unable to access their money and make payments on 25 October. Some have had their debit cards blocked and while others have tweeted at the bank saying that they unable to withdraw cash from ATMs.

Barclays reported that some of its network systems had unexpectedly gone down, in addition to scheduled maintenance planned around the clocks going back, but everything was now back up and running. They have advised customers to use online banking or the Barclays app for quicker service due to the high number of calls customer service they are responding to.

On its Twitter account on Sunday morning, Barclays said that it was "currently still seeing high volumes of customers calling us this morning, please bear with us... If you need to check your accounts, please use our banking apps and online banking services, these are both running smoothly."

"I have been repeatedly told the issue would be fixed by 5pm yesterday (Saturday) and still this morning it's in the same situation," one customer told the BBC.

Barclays isn't the only bank to suffer heat for technical problems this month. Earlier this week, Natwest IOS Mobile Banking app went down. Customers were unable to log on, and were being declined when trying to make purchases, report the Mirror.

Barclays digital push

Barclays has recently been expanding its digital profile to provide better services to customers. They have developed a suite of bPay-branded mobile technologies for retail and person-to-person payments. It began selling bPay-equipped wristbands and keyfobs to provide consumers with payment options that are not tied to smartphones.

In April of this year, Barclays launched a digital 'Rewards Wallet' programme in which customers are paid fixed cash rewards each month to reward their continued relationship with the bank.