Erica Jong
Novelist Erica Jong's book Fear Of Flying will feature on BBC's Radio 4 Evening Standard/Getty Images

As part of its celebration of feminist literature, BBC Radio will air readings from Erica Jong's 1973 novel titled Fear Of Flying. The book, which features sex scenes along with passages rife with expletives, will be available for listening on weekday mornings.

The book has been divided into a five-part series, which follows a 29-year-old poet who makes her way to Vienna with her husband in tow. Along the way, she finds herself debating her sexuality, marriage and femininity.

The uncensored adaptation will be aired on Radio 4 during Women's Hour starting 22 February and will include scenes of masturbation, a threesome and a fair amount of talk about p*****s and semen. It is part of a larger series titled Riot Girls.

While most adult programming for television is done after 9pm and everything prior to that is required to be suitable for children viewing, no formal restrictions exist for radio.

"Although a fixed Watershed does not apply to radio in the same way as to television, scheduling considerations must be taken into account in the UK," according to the BBC website.

Riot Girls will also feature readings from The Life And Loves Of A She Devil, a novel by British author Fay Weldon and other radio plays.

While the addition of the more "sex-plicit" series has come as a surprise to many, Woman's House has, for years, been airing matters in regards to women's sexuality and contraception among other issues.