Beanie Sigel was reportedly knocked out cold at Diddy's Bad Boy Family concert in Philadelphia on Saturday night. The hip-hop legend was apparently attacked by a member of Meek Mill's Dreamchasers before the rapper took to the stage for his performance. However, the Remember Them Days rapper still managed to perform at Diddy's show.

A video released by TMZ on 26 September showed Sigel lying cold on the floor (backstage) as security personnel escorted Mill's cousin, Teefy Bey, from the venue.

When asked if he had heard about Sigel getting beaten up at Diddy's show, Bey jokingly told HipHopSince1987 (via Hotnewshiphop): "Yeah I know about it. I think he passed out from his diabetic medication." Sigel apparently got a beating for breaking the "code of ethics on the street. Telling information that only the camp knows", he added.

Bey also said that the beating had nothing to do with Sigel revealing that he helped Mill write the lyrics for his diss record in response to The Game's new song titled 92 Bars. "The information was worse than that," Bey said.

"And then some other s**t came into play that I don't wanna talk about," Bey said, adding, "But at the end of the day, you can't put me on Front Street when I'm a real n***a bro.... Like you ain't gonna try to play me or play my family or play my n****s out, you know what I'm sayin' -- for a nut ass n***a named Game. That's just the bottom line."