Still of REALLY? released by online dating website YouTube, the online dating website that only allows good-looking people based on the opinions of the people who use it, have released a 90-second video in response recent attacks on the site's concept.

In order to achieve membership for the site exclusively aimed at "beautiful men and women", you must upload a picture and be judged by members on appearance alone for a 72-hour period, where you could be voted from anything to "yes certainly" through to "absolutely not."

If you do not receive enough positive votes, you will be kicked off the site. Currently, an average of one in eight applicants are accepted onto the site.

The video entitled "REALLY?" arrives after the site was attacked by a computer virus - named Shrek after the film about how looks should not matter - in June 2011. Up to 30,000 gained membership without going through the ruthless membership process, who were then unceremoniously kicked off the site at a financial cost of more than £62,000 (£100,000) to the site's operators.

You can watch the new video below:

"We receive hundreds of emails each week from people who are furious with and we have experienced a continued media backlash. In my opinion, political correctness has gone too far," said managing director Greg Hodge.

The site has come in for huge criticism before, with the news that nearly 5,000 people were booted of the website after they appeared to gain weight over the Christmas period.

"Watch 'REALLY?'", Hodge continued, "and you'll agree that our critics are fooling themselves. They can't argue with millions of years of evolution. Everyone naturally wants to be with someone they are attracted to. This is the concept on which was founded."

Since its conception in 2002, has launched in 190 countries with over 700,000 members worldwide. Over 5.5 million people have been rejected from the site over the same period.

Earlier this year, the site also triggered a backlash in Ireland when it suggested that Irish people were among the ugliest in the world, based on the fact that only 9% of Irish males were accepted into the site.

The site also claims that UK and Poland have the least attractive male applicants in the world, with Norwegian women and Swedish men having the greatest chance of being accepted into the club.