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  • Hulkenburg, Ricciardo, Sainz and Maldonado - RETIRED
  • Hamilton WINS
  • Vettel's tyre failure on Lap 42
Lewis Hamilton
Can anyone stop the dominant Hamilton at the iconic Spa Francorchamps circuit? Getty

A great race to begin the second half of the F1 season at the iconic Spa-Francorchamps circuit. Hamilton a deserved winner, with some great drives all across the grid. Romain Grosjean gets special mention for one of the drives of the day.

There was so much chaos behind the Mercedes' that no one realised Hamilton and Rosberg take the chequered flag! Great drive from the Briton.


LAP 42/43 - That was dangerous. If it happened 200 mts ahead it would have resulted in a massive shunt!

LAP 41/43 - Vettel's tyre blows!! Race over!

LAP 41/43 - Grosjean is on Vettel's gearbox, as Kvyat continues his assault. The Russian is now fifth after passing Perez. Great startegy there!

LAP 40/43 - Kvyat passes Massa for sixth. Great driving from the Russian.

LAP 40/43 - Kvyat has been warned about exceeding track limits

LAP 39/43 - Grosjean has been given maximum power and asked to "Get Vettel"

LAP 38/43 - Grosjean is almost within DRS range, it looks like it's a matter of time before he gets his man

LAP 37/43 - Kvyat is a man on the move as he takes Kimi for seventh place. Perez and Massa ahead of him and in range.

LAP 35/43 - Grosjean is catching Vettel at about half a second a lap now. That podium looking close for Lotus now.

LAP 34/43 - Rosberg sets the fastest lap of the race. He is around five seconds behind Hamilton

RAIN is 40kms from the circuit. Could get interesting!!

LAP 32/43 - The weather is helping Vettel as he informs the team that his medium compound he fixed on the 15th lap is looking good until the end. Grosjean not gaining too much. The Frenchman has much fresher tyres.

LAP 32/43 - Hamilton retakes the lead as Rosberg makes his stop

LAP 31/43 - Rosberg coming in for his stop this lap

LAP 31/43 - Hamilton makes his second stop! Rosberg in the lead

LAP 30/43 - Grosjean is catching VEttel for third, slowly but surely. Vettel pondering his next stop

LAP 29/43 - Kvyat is now setting some quick times to go into eighth, straight past Bottas.

LAP 27/43 - Perez is catching Kvyat. Massa and Kimi are closing in too

LAP 26/43 - Kvyat doing a really long stint on his medium tyres. He's been on them from Lap 9.

LAP 24/43 - Hamilton is 2.5 secs ahead of Rosberg. Supposedly thinks the German made up a second under the VSC

LAP 24/43 - Alonso is informed that the rain is 100kms away, but could be a shower at the end of the race.

LAP 23/43 - VSC is over and the racing is back on!! Perez, who stopped just before the Virtual Safety car (VSC) is told to make the tyres last until the end

LAP 22/43 - Virtual safety car continues, as Hamilton leads Rosberg with Grosjean third

LAP 21/43 - Tough luck for the last year's race winner - looks like a hydraulics issue

Ricciardo has parked on the final turn of the race!! Virtual Safety Car is in affect

Dark clouds gathering on the far side of the track

Grosjean given the go ahead to make a move! and he grants them their wish! into third now the Frenchman!

Grosjean is flying, catching Perez now for third place!

LAP 18/43 - Grosjean takes Ricciardo to move up to fourth place

Bottas serves his penalty and continues on his mis-matched set of tyres

Bottas has been handed a drive-thru penalty for their pit stop mess. Vettel stops!

Mercedes work it perfectly, as Rosberg takes Perez and Ricciardo in the pits. Hamilton completes his stop and comes out in second behind Vettel. The Ferrari driver has yet to stop!

Kimi is called in to the pits and completes his stop. Rosberg in on his way in now.

Bottas is running three soft compound tyres and one medium compound.

Max Verstappen makes a bold overtaking move on Nasr.

Williams have committed a school boy error, they have had a tyre mixup and fixed both compounds on the car

A lot of cars coming in for their first stops. Grosjean & Massa

But the Force India driver is on the faster (soft tyre) of the two compounds.

The undercut works beautifully for Ricciardo as he takes Perez. But can Rosberg keep his provisional second place when he stops

Rain is forecast for the latter stages of the race. Force India have called Perez in, looks like Red Bull forced their hand

A very early stop for Ricciardo, as Grosjean gets his man Bottas, Kvyat is lining up the Finn now.

Ricciardo in for his first stop!! An undercut is in play for sure

Ricciardo closing in on Perez as they battle for 2nd place. Kvyat closing in on Grosjean and Bottas in 5th and 6th respectively.

Red Bull Racing cars are looking strong, overtaking the much more powerful Mercedes powered cars

Jenson Button complains of a problem in left rear

Kimi is slowly making his way up the grid. Up to 11th place.

Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton sets yet another fastest lap, as he widens the gap to Perez in second

Sainz has rejoined the race, while Maldonado has made it back to the pits

Hulk and Sainz have retired from the race, and Maldonado also parks up after a lap and a half - engine problem.

Ricciardo is up into third, as Vettel makes up three places into sixth.

Rosberg takes Bottas for fourth place, Vettel takes him as well!

Hamilton makes a good start, Perez as well, but Rosberg was poor and has dropped him down to fifth place


Sainz heads into the pit as well!

Hulkenburg has pushed into the pits. Doesn't look good for the German.

Carlos Sainz now complaining a loss of power in his car

Aborted start!!!! Hulk stalls on the grid, drivers heading for another formation lap.

This is now 43 lap race.

Hulk has now been asked to continue onto the grid!!

Nico Hulkenburg still complaining of a loss of power in his car. He has been called into the pit. Tough luck!!

Drivers on their formation lap. Keep an eye on Sergio Perez and Valtteri Bottas on the second row.

A sporting gesture from the Mercedes AMG F1 team. Congratulations Ferrari!!

Weather looks bright, sunny and windy! But it's Spa Francorchamps, u never know when the rain clouds creep up. Exciting times!


Some racing humour from the guys at Lotus. Keeping it light as both their cars start in the top 10 today.

Nico Hulkenburg complained about a loss of power on his out lap to the grid, he was pulled back into the pits and is now heading back out onto the grid.

All cars are on the grid, most of the talk is centered around the new start rules. Mercedes have admitted that they are worried. Can Bottas spring another surprise?

Ferrari are getting ready for their 900th F1 race!! What a feat!

Kimi Raikkonen will start from 16th due to a five-place grid penalty for a gearbox change

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