Tina Knowles-Lawson took to social media on Monday to refute claims that her daughter Beyoncé suffers from anxiety in public and that her husband Jay-Z rubs her leg to calm her down.

The singer and her rapper husband were photographed courtside at the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn on Saturday, where they watched the match between the Bucks and Nets. She literally dazzled in her embellished oversized shirt worn over a black leather corset dress.

But it was not her sizzling getup that attracted fans' attention but her courtside PDA with Jay-Z. He was seen rubbing her leg at one point, which immediately led to speculations that she suffers from social anxiety. He allegedly touches her leg to help her through the situation.

This has not happened just once but plenty of times throughout their courtside appearances over the years. Beyoncé's mum even shared a collage of photos of these said moments to respond to rumours of her daughter's anxiety. Knowles-Lawson called Jay-Z's touch as a show of affection and nothing more.

"When you love someone and like them you just want to touch them! Me and Richard are always touching even if it's just our feet! Yeah!! That's what you do!" she wrote on Instagram.

"For those of you who don't understand, Try it sometimes it works!! Human Touch is how you stay connected!! So comical people saying she has anxiety in public and that's why he touches her! Lord people !!!! Yal can turn something good and healthy into something That it's not !!! Stop that!!!!!" she continued.

The 67-year-old House of Deréon founder even called it a "beautiful thing" if touch is used to calm someone's anxiety. She wrote, "if someone has anxiety then it is great for their partner to touch them to calm and reassure them." She reiterated though that this is not the case with Jay-Z's leg rubs, which netizens dubbed "Jayoncé Leg Rub."

This is not the first time Knowles-Lawson defended Beyoncé and spoke highly of Jay-Z. She penned a "love letter" for her son-in-law in February in which she praised him for his kindness and generosity.

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