Saudi media have published an animated film depicting the country's military invading Iran and overthrowing the ayatollah while the "liberated" Iranian people cheer and wave posters of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The somewhat far-fetched six-minute mini-drama was reportedly produced by amateur filmmakers in the Wahhabi kingdom but has since been embedded on the state-backed Al-Riyadh website.

Al-Riyadh even went as far to claim that "the scenes depict reality and the prestige of the Saudi armed forces, with their ability to deter foreign ambitions, especially Iranian threats".

The video, which has a Call of Duty feel to it, has been published at a time of heightened tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Last month, the crown prince, known colloquially as MBS, referred to the ayatollah as"the new Hitler of the Middle East".

The two nations have backed opposing sides in the disastrous Yemen civil war, a pressure point in the wider battle to dominate the region. Saudi Arabia is the leading Sunni nation while Iran is the most powerful Shia state in the Arab world.

The video went up on YouTube on 14 December and has been watched almost a million times on that platform. It has been shared numerous times elsewhere.

Commenters on the Al-Riyadh website appeared to revel in its nationalistic glory. One wrote: "We are waiting for this day. It is the right of our kin."

Twitter users were less sympathetic. One said: "In the delusional world of Saudi Arabia, Saudis invade Iran, take over the country and are greeted as liberators by Iranians who hold MbS posters.

Nick Chan tweeted: "[The] CGI rendering of Saudi defence, then invasion, of Iran (with capture of General Soleimani [a senior Iranian officer] thrown in for good measure) looks like someone was playing too much Command and Conquer."

Saudi propaganda film Iran
Watch out Ayatollah Khamenei! Screengrab / Youtube

The video opens with an unprovoked Iranian attack on a Saudi aid vessel, which is swiftly repelled by defensive jets. War quickly breaks out and it turns out to be a pretty one-sided affair.

The Saudis' superior aircraft, fleet and firepower smashes through the Iranian forces and it is not long before a Saudi parachute regiment has landed near Tehran and captured the terrified Iranian general.

The film is voiced in English with Arabic subtitles. Choice lines include: "Missiles intercepted and destroyed. Time for payback. Send in the jets," and, "The operation is moving as planned."

With Star Wars fully booked until the New Year, it's good to know fans of fantasy action sequences have something to keep them going over Christmas.