Bluetooth will get a host of technology enhancements in 2016. Along with providing wider range, the advancements will focus on delivering higher speeds – a 100% boost in speed, without increasing energy consumption.

"There is significant demand from our members and the industry at large to enhance Bluetooth with the new capabilities we're announcing today. Current projections put the market potential for IoT (Internet of Things) between $2 trillion and $11.1 trillion by 2025. The technical updates planned for Bluetooth technology in 2016 will help make these expectations a reality and accelerate growth in IoT," said Toby Nixon, chairman of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) Board of Directors.

Speaking about what is in store for 2016, the SIG said the technology will focus on increasing IoT functionality. Additionally, SIG is working on mesh networking, which will enable Bluetooth devices to connect together while covering an entire building or home. The Bluetooth Smart Mesh Working Group is overseeing these operations.

Earlier in February, the SIG announced the Smart Mesh Working Group, which is working on standardising mesh networking capability for Bluetooth smart technology. The SIG said mesh networking will become an integral component to ensure consumers' Bluetooth-enabled functionality of smart locks, lights and HVAC systems, and for a smart home experience.

The SIG added the new Bluetooth technology will offer several benefits for IoT applications. Apart from the doubling of speed, the project will enable faster data transfer in critical applications such as medical devices. The advancement in Bluetooth technology will strengthen industries including smart homes, industrial automation, location-based services and smart infrastructure, believes the SIG.

"The Bluetooth technology roadmap is a powerful expression of our mission to continue as a catalyst for industry innovation. Bluetooth has been adopted by countless developers and manufacturers as their connectivity solution of choice for the IoT. The new functionality we will soon be adding will further solidify Bluetooth as the backbone of IoT technology," said Mark Powell, executive director, SIG.