Environmental awareness is on an all-time high as various industries are making changes to curb waste and pollution. For automobiles, emission-free alternatives is the direction that automakers are hoping to follow.

Bollinger Motors is prepared to showcase not one, but two battery-powered machines that could see production in 2020. The B1 and B2 are two angular all-electric models that offer utilitarian aesthetics with dependable performance.

First off is the B1 – designated as a four-door SUV. Meanwhile, the B2 a pick-up truck with a four-passenger cab. To set expectations properly, Bollinger Motors notes that the two models are intended for heavy-duty tasks. As such, both are capable of carrying up to 2,359 kg of cargo. Additionally, towing capacity is reportedly rated at 3,401 kg, which should be enough for even the most demanding jobs.

Conventional SUVs and pickup trucks are designed to traverse rough terrain. Therefore, the B1 and B2 come with a dynamic suspension system that offers anywhere between 25 cm to 51 cm of ground clearance. The all-wheel-drive system is powered by a dual-motor setup with a combined output of 458 kW with 905 Nm of torque. This is coupled with a two-speed transmission to toggle between low-range and high-range.

The B1 at #mdex #defense #michigan #tardec #usa pic.twitter.com/4tzHwCYuU6

— Bollinger Motors (@bollingermotors) April 3, 2019

The floor-mounted 120 kWh lithium-ion battery supplies enough energy to take it from a standstill to 97 km/per hour in 4.5 seconds. Testing shows a top speed of 160 km/per hour, which is understandable given the intended purpose.

Ars Technica points out that Robert Bollinger, the designer of the B1 and B2 wanted to create a reliable all-electric workhorse. Furthermore, these machines are equipped to handle off-road challenges to match conventional models.

Patience is not one of our strong suits. While the new Bollinger electric trucks are painted and perfected, the engineering team pre-builds any subsystems they can before re-assembly. Tick tock tick tock... pic.twitter.com/AG5666XKG1

— Bollinger Motors (@bollingermotors) September 10, 2019

Upon first glance, the B2 noticeably has a longer wheelbase to accommodate the truck bed. Nevertheless, it shares a similar chunky exterior as the B1. Curves are almost non-existent save for the wheel wells that host massive wheels with all-terrain tires.

Moreover, the all-black colour scheme adds an intimidating vibe. Buyers will not find any fancy elements inside the cabin, which is probably intentional. Bollinger Motors is yet to publish the price for the B1 and B2 as well as the estimated range on a single charge, Motor1 reports.

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