Buying an iPad may be your first step to going completely paperless, but sometimes, no matter how many applications you have, a good old fashioned pad and a pen is what you need.

Booq has realised this and created the Booqpad, a folding iPad case that has a pad of paper and pen holder built in for when scribbling something down quickly is more important than uploading it to Facebook or Dropbox.

Made from a tough and sturdy canvas, the Booqpad won't win any prizes for keeping your iPad light and thin, but it will provide loads of protection to the front, back and much of the sides, too.

With its grey exterior and bright green interior, the Booqpad has something of a split personality, which we quite like, with the garish colouring making this case stand out from the crowd without being over-baring.

Held closed by a strap with a popper, the Booqpad holds your iPad 2 or New iPad on the left and an included 50-sheet pad of paper on the right, with space for a pen or stylus (not included) in the middle.

Around the paper pad there are a number of slots to store things like train tickets and business cards.

The Booqpad provided a tight fit for our New iPad, so we'd expect an iPad 2 - which is ever-so-slightly thinner - to slip inside a little easier.

Once installed, there remains space to access your iPad's buttons, speaker, dock connector, headphone jack, mic and volume controls, thanks to gaps in the Booqpad's design.

One letdown is that the case cannot be stood up on its side to hold the iPad at a raised angle for typing or watching a film, and using the iPad in landscape proved to be difficult as the paper pad would fall about, due to only being secured at the top.

If you only plan to use your iPad in portrait while installed in the Booqpad, then this might not be a problem, however.

At around £38, the Booqpad isn't cheap compared to some cases, but does provide more than just a simple sleeve by incorporating the notepad and pen holder.

If you could get away with commuting to work with just your iPad and this case, then it may be the ideal solution and mean leaving a larger bag at home.