To celebrate Christmas US engineering and robotics company Boston Dynamics has released a creepy new video showing Santa's sleigh being pulled by a herd of robot reindeer.

The 30-second video, uploaded to the company's YouTube page, shows one of their employees dressed as Santa Claus, while three of the company's four-legged Spot robot, adorned with baubles and reindeer antlers, pull her along in a sleigh.

The reindeer travel around the company's headquarters in Waltham, Massachusetts, while the employee wishes everyone: "A merry Christmas from Boston Dynamics".

The company, owned by internet search giant Google, has made headlines in recent years for its innovations in walking robots. The company first came to prominence in 2005 with its BigDog quadrupedal robot, which was developed to be a pack mule for soldiers venturing into terrain too difficult for vehicles to cope with.

In August, the company unveiled Atlas, a humanoid bipedal robot that can run outdoors and handle rocky terrain.