The Brazilian actor playing Judas who accidently hanged himself during a scene in "The Passion of Christ" has died.

Tiago Klimeck, 27, has been in a chemically induced coma after suffering cerebral anoxia from lack of oxygen due to hanging. He was playing the scene of Judas's suicide on the night of Good Friday during a passion play in Itarare, west of San Paulo.

A stunned audience saw Klimeck hanged by accident as he became unconscious. It is believed that the safety vest the actor was using under the robe accidentally climbed up around his neck, strangling him.

About four minutes passed before anyone noticed, believing he was playing his role.

The other actors realised Klimeck was unconscious and lowered him, freed him and rushed him to a medical centre.

In an interview with a Brazilian television show, Domingo Espetacular, one of the policemen who rushed to the scene, said that part of the belt was not well attached.

The actor brother-in-law Leandro Luiz Bueno said doctors told the family the medical exams showed no injuries to the brain or spine.

Police are examining the security apparatus that was meant to support Klimeck during the scene. It's unclear if any charges will be filed.