Brexit aftermath: How to move to Canada, Are We European and How to get an Irish passport among top Google Trends searches
There is now a petition launched by that calls for London to be independent from the UK and join the EU IBT/Newsweek

The stock markets have tumbled and the pound has plummeted following the EU referendum, but if there is one thing British people are known for, it is their sense of humour. So while it was no laughing matter for many, for others it was a chance to take to social media to post series of memes mocking the situation.

Many mocked the currency drop, including a widely shared picture of a big pile of money on fire that was said to represent the pound on the currency markets. Others posted pictures of 20 pence pieces, which they said were the new pound coin or marked up the price of products considerably.

Another widely shared meme used stills from a well-known comedy clip featuring Gordon Ramsey in which he holds two slices of bread to sides of a failing chef's head and makes her admit she is an "idiot sandwich". Replacing the famous chef's head is an EU flag, while his victim's face has been replaced with a Union Jack.

Others compared the Brexit with pop artists like Beyonce and Geri Halliwell leaving Destiny's Child and The Spice Girls to take up careers solo – with mixed results.

Politicians and newscasters were definitely not spared with a wide range of mocking memes spread across social media, featuring Ed Miliband and Boris Johnson among others.

Others mocked up movie posters including one from the Straight Outta Compton film, altered to Straight Outta Europe, with the faces of Michael Gove and Ian Duncan Smith and others replacing the characters.

Some simply focused on the smaller issues like food and pet passports, while others laughed out loud at a door in Falkirk that looked a little like Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.