world\'s fattest man
Manuel Uribe weighing 52 stone (330 kilos), was hoping to get out of the house for only the third time in six, bedridden years when he died last year. Carl Thompson weighed around 65 stones. Reuters

Britain's fattest man Carl Thompson, weighing over 400 kilos (65 stones), died on Sunday (21 June) in his flat in Dover, Kent, just a month after pleading for help.

Emergency crews took hours to remove his body, reports the Mirror.

Thompson, 33, shot to the limelight after an interview on a television channel where he pleaded for help in changing his 10,000 calories daily diet.

He had been restricted to bed for more than a year thanks to his humongous body mass.

He had gained over 200 kgs after his mother's death in 2012 following a brain tumour.

The "comfort eating" saw him breakfast on four sausages, five fried eggs, fried bread, mushrooms fried in butter and a bowl of cereal with full fat milk; lunch would consist of a bowl of pasta, chips, bacon, pork pies, crisps, pasties, sandwiches and chocolate. He would also dine on Chinese or Indian takeaways.

Snacks like chocolate bars came in between.

Thompson had lived off a special disability allowance and incapacity benefits spending around £200 a week on food from a local supermarket.

In his interview on ITV, he spoke of midnight raids on kitchen cupboards in his childhood.

He said: "I was only about three or four and no one knew why I did it. I would just eat anything out of the cupboards."

Doctors had said he was being killed by the kindness of his neighbours.

Keith Martin, the former British man who held the title of the world's fattest man once weighing 70 stone died aged 44 last year from pneumonia. He used to consume 20, 000 calories daily.

A few months prior to that, a Mexican at 560 kgs who held the Guinness record, had also died at the age of 48.