Remember the intimate smooch between Madonna and Britney Spears in the MTV music awards 2003? Yes, the spicy, sexy smooch on the stage!

Madonna has tempted Britney to do the same one more time by tweeting. Britney Spears was more than impressed with Madonna's new album MDNA.

So she tweeted: "Love the new album - every single song is incredible. congrats girl!"

In response, the pop queen tweeted: " 'Please come on stage and kiss me again. I miss you!!' to which Britney said: 'Tempting..."

The tweets took another twist when Madonna added a flirtatious zing to the tweets saying: " 'Are you gonna make me work for this?"

Britney promptly responded" "Why of course!"

So does that mean we will get to see a hot new live kiss yet again on the stage sometime soon?

All is well at Brtiney's end with the pop star making a profit of $1.5 million on the asking price for her Beverly Hills home, according to the Daily Mail. Britney Spears is currently dating Jason Trawick.

While Madonna is busy promoting her MDNA, the new single that created much controversy over similarity with the ecstacy drug MDnA, the pop queen's new single has already topped various music charts.

Also Madonna was treated to a surprise party for the success of her album by her manager,Guy Oseary. She reportedly splashed birthday cake on Guy saying, "Guy, I wanna give this to you. For real.She then threw it onto his face and shouted: 'That's for making me work so hard motherf*****," the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

Guy took it in a very sportive spirit and laughed it away. The 53-year-old singer turned wild during the celebrations.

The 2003 kiss, if you would remember, had Madonna in black outfit while Britney was wearing a white short frock. The duo locked their lips infront of the public.