Two-time MVP and Hall of Famer Steve Nash has been hired as the Brooklyn Nets' new head coach. He is the second MVP that the Nets hired from the Golden State Warriors Organisation. Steve Nash previously worked closely with Warriors Head Coach Steve Kerr as a player development consultant.

There was a lot of praise for Nets GM Sean Marks for bringing in one of the best playmakers in NBA history with a reputation for his high basketball IQ. As a player, Nash was a prolific scorer in his entire career. Late in his career, he learned to pass and quickly won back-to-back MVPs because of it.

Interim head coach Jacque Vaughn will stay on with the Nets organisation as an assistant. Superstars Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant are happy with the decision. Warriors General Manager Bob Myers is also pleased for both Nash and the Nets organisation for the four-year deal.

According to ESPN, Steve Nash was such an effective player development coach for the Warriors that players like Kevin Durant (when he was with GSW), Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry, and Coach Steve Kerr respected and listened to him. He is one of the very few people in the world that Curry listens to with regards to improving his jump shot.

Kerr admits that he worked closely with Nash during his time with the Warriors. He would let Nash audit some of his plans for the Warriors before implementing them.

However, Sports Commentator Steven A. Smith and Black coaches are unhappy with the decision. While nobody is questioning Nash's competence as a player and mentor, they claim that getting the head coaching job without experience is white privilege.

Critics are saying that it is not fair for a white man without coaching experience to get one of the NBA's premier jobs. However, none of them can come up with a reason why Nash is not qualified for the job other than his race. They stressed that other coaches with experience, such as interim Nets coach Vaughn and LA Clippers Assistant Coach Sam Cassell, are also qualified.

With Nash's hiring, there are only five black coaches left in the NBA, after having as many as 14 eight years ago. Many social justice warriors are taking this as an offence despite the fact that the league is 75% composed of Black players. No one can rate Nash as a head coach considering he has never held the role. However, critics are denouncing the Nets' decision to hire Nash because he is white.

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