Korean production house Big Hit Entertainment has decided to punish fans who are being very critical against BTS members. In a recent statement, they mentioned that any posts "that exceed the reasonable and accepted boundaries of expression and personal commentary" will be subject to investigation. They however, did not give any details regarding the nature of those comments.

The statement also mentioned that many posts from the first half of the year has been submitted to the police for investigation. They have collected this information via Big Hit's "own monitoring initiatives as well as through the Big Hit hotline."

There is a Twitter account named "Report Army," where BTS fans can be informed about offensive comments and they can also contact Big Hit over death threats, trolling, etc.

According to the reports of BBC, the record label has also said that the police have launched an investigation into the matter: "We have responded with zero tolerance against insults and defamation against our artists. We emphasise that there is, and will be, no leniency or settlement with the perpetrators of these acts."

BTS band to get a drama series
BTS band is getting its own drama series confirmed Big Hit Entertainment https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/609111918335082013/

South Korean law prohibits the release of statements that harm someone's mage regardless of its veracity. Serious questions have been raised regarding this law during the #MeToo movement, as it is a big hindrance for the victims of sexual harassment to report any crime.

In a statement, Big Hit mentioned that it regularly monitors the social media handle of BTS to check for "ill-intentioned criticism, the spreading of groundless information and personal attacks."

In a related news, South Korean site koreaboo has confirmed that BTS's Jungkook has secured the record for most-liked post on Twitter with 2.31 million and counting. He posted a video where he is seen performing Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy." The video was published on June 10 and it has become the most liked tweet of the year. It has broken the records previously set by both Barack Obama and Ariana Grande.

Keeping in mind the popularity of the band, Big Hit is highly protective about their image.

The K-pop group scored high in the recent MTV Video Music Awards. They received the first honour of the newly added K-pop category in the MTV VMAs.