McLaren driver, Jenson Button, said on Wednesday (September 18, 2013) he was hoping for a good performance at Singapore's night Formula One Grand Prix on Sunday (September 22) despite having a car not suited for the race.

"Hopefully we can have a reasonable race, yes, it's never easy when you don't have a car you want, but I feel that we have made good progress," Button said.

"The only thing with a street circuit it's, it's very bumpy, which doesn't suit our car, you know, we've improved the right quality, but it's still something that we find difficult so, you know, I don't really know where we are going to stand this weekend, our best result this year is a fifth, which is sad to say, but I really do think that we can achieve that this weekend," he added.

Button also commented on Lotus driver Kimi Raikkonen's move to Ferrari for the 2014 season on a two year deal.

"I don't know, it's going to be an interesting atmosphere between those two especially if Kimi is as quick as Fernando," he said.

"If Kimi starts out qualifying Fernando that would be a big one because Fernando is not the quickest guy but as a package he's exceptional, his race pace, he's very good at thinking about situations so he's going to be a tough guy to beat for Kimi, it's fun for us watching from the outside you know, does it make the team stronger, I personally don't think it does," he added.

Button goes into the Singapore race in 9th place in the championship.

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