Camp Chateau
Camp Chateau guests will be charged €2178 for a 6-day and 5-night stay. @Camp.Chateau via Instagam

Philippa Girling, Leah Lykins and Lynda Coleman co-founded Camp Chateau, located at Chateau de Beduer in southern France's western and historic Quercy region.

The camp has been carefully curated by women, for women and sets out to provide clients with a joyful and tranquil space to relax and rejuvenate. The experience consists of an all-inclusive summer program in the French countryside, where women can enjoy food and wine, experiment with new hobbies and meet other like-minded women.

According to the Camp Chateau website, the female-focused experience has been "one hundred per cent owned and funded by women through our unique Female Member model."

Camp Chateau
@Camp.Chateau via Instagam

Girling, the CEO of Camp Chateau, has more than 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur. Before founding the female experience, Girling worked as a banking executive and has since built up an extensive network of professional women based in the US.

Girling is no stranger to the Quercy region of the south of France and has visited her parent's home there every summer for the past 15 years.

The Camp Chateau team consists of 13 men and women staff members who work together to provide guests with a rejuvenating experience. The range of employment roles includes live performers, chefs, massage therapists, groundskeepers and counsellors.

Located in the heart of the south of France, guests are also urged to stroll through the panoramic landscapes on foot or participate in activities in the natural environment. The nature electives include hiking, foraging, kayaking, and swimming.

Other activities available to guests include yoga, meditation, stargazing and journaling, silent discos, horse riding, cheese tasting, and movie nights.


A 6-day summer camp for women in the South of France 🥹 @Camp Chateau I did this experience with my mom last summer and it was so special. It really felt like being back at camp but as an adult. While at Camp Chateau, you can customize your days to your liking. I absolutely FILLED mine with activities but you can spend the week lounging by the pool or reading a book in your favorite corner of the property. It’s completely up to you 🫶🏼 Just don’t miss meal time because the food is goood 👀 Limited spots available for 2024 and 2025 bookings are now open as well! #campchateau #frenchchateau #chateau #chateaulife #southoffrance #southoffrance🇫🇷 #frenchcountryside #francetravel #travelfrance #francetrip #visitfrance #frenchlifestyle #frenchtiktok #francelife🇲🇫 #solofemaletraveler #solofemaletravel #europetravel #europetrip #summercamp #visiteurope #francetiktok🇫🇷

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Allison Wolf is a content creator and digital nomad who regularly shares her experiences as a solo female traveller on her social media platforms.

Known as @wolvesandwaterfalls, Wolf posted a video on her YouTube and TikTok channel documenting her time at Camp Chateau.

The solo female traveller, who has more than 268,000 followers on TikTok, said she spent six days at the all-female camp.

"I stayed at a women-only summer camp at a chateau in the French countryside, and yes, it was as dreamy and as magical as it sounds," Wolf said. "You handpick your daily itinerary, choosing from activities like horse riding, kayaking, yoga and even jam making."

Camp Chateau
@Camp.Chateau via Instagam

While sharing picturesque video clips of her time at Camp Chateau, Wolf added: "At any time, you can disappear and read a book or lounge by the pool."

"It was honestly the most relaxing and wholesome travel experience, and I loved the people it attracted," Wolf said, reviewing her experience. "[There were] women of all ages from all over the world who also chose to spend a week of their summer reconnecting with themselves and meeting new people."

Nearing the end of her vlog, the solo female traveller revealed that, considering she built close bonds with the female guests, they are "still in contact almost a year later."

Guests will be charged €2178 for a 6-day and 5-night stay, covering the cost of all meals, accommodation in a Chateau Bunk of Glamping tent, on and off-site activities, the use of both swimming pools, unlimited glasses of wine with lunch and dinner, access to 20 acres of land, all amenities and transport to and from the local Figeac train station.

On-site massages and travel shuttles from Toulouse Airport are not included in the price.
To attract more guests, customers travelling as a group of six or more are provided with a 10 per cent discount code.