The Modern Day Knight Project
Photo from The Modern Day Knight Project Instagram

The Modern Day Knight (MDK) Project, founded by Entrepreneur Bedros Keuilian, is "for men who want to level up in business and life."

Keuilian is also the founder of Fit Body Boot Camp and The Bedros Keuilian Show podcast, where he revealed that he is a proud believer in the American Dream.

In 2018, the serial entrepreneur was recognised as a best-selling author by the Wall Street Journal for his book 'Man Up – How To Cut The BS and Dominate In Business And In Life'.

The MDK Project, based in California, US, promises to "unearth and expose who you are."

According to Keuilian: "Most men are fighting a constant war within themselves. The internal war between choosing greatness or accepting a life of mediocrity. The war of constantly negotiating your goals and dreams versus paying the price that success demands of you so that you and your family can live a life of true freedom in every way."

To win clients, the MDK Project founder encouraged men to "be more and give more to your families, to your community and to the world, but most will go their whole life never answering the call to greatness."

The MDK Project, likened to a military boot camp, is a 75-hour experience that costs a staggering $18,000.

Those who complete the three-day session even have a graduation ceremony. They wear suits, are awarded a certificate, and are commemorated for becoming an accredited alpha male.

Before signing up on MDK Project webpage, men are greeted with the bold statement: "Your family deserves the best version of you as a leader, husband and father."

The programme has since been slammed for encouraging men to engage in toxic masculinity, the social notion that "manliness" perpetuates stability, domination and aggression.

In a video posted on the MDK Project Instagram account last week, former Marine Raider and MDK Project Instructor Nick Koumalatsos hit back: "Listen, there is nothing wrong with men wanting to do something hard to better themselves."

Koumalatsos explained, addressing more than 100,000 followers, that the bootcamp is "not just all screaming and yelling."

In response to the video, social media users criticised the programme and accused Keuilian of "ripping off men."

One Instagram user, identified as Kass, commented: "Ripping off men with insecurity issues is pretty low. I couldn't imagine the thought process behind believing that shelling out $18k to some scam artists will suddenly make you a man."

Another user, identified as Logan, wrote: "There is something wrong with abusing weakened men into paying you 18k in the hopes of improving their lives."

Other accounts recommended that the men seek "therapy" to support them with their mental health and well-being.

According to Kevin Foss at the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), "Toxic Masculinity opposes mental and physical health treatment even when injured or emotionally struggling."

"Additionally, suppressing mental health issues, such as depression, trauma, and anxiety, can worsen symptoms and precipitate isolation, loss of jobs or friends, and even suicide."

Pointing the finger at alpha-male boot camps for encouraging toxic masculine traits, Foss added: "Masculine programming mandates that men should exert dominance over their romantic, work, and social life by suppressing anyone not embracing the masculine programming and demanding unearned loyalty and respect."

"The resulting domestic and social conflict, including potential bullying toward marginalised groups, can lead to serious personal, occupational, and legal consequences."