Ethereum, the world's computer
Ethereum: the world's computer

Ontario is to host the world's biggest Ethereum hackathon, ETHWaterloo, which will take place at the alma mater of Ethereum's cheif scientist and co-founder Vitalik Buterin.

The event is slated to run the weekend of October 13-15 and will take place in Waterloo at CIGI, the Centre for International Governance Innovation.

ETHWaterloo was co-founded and organised by Liam Horne, the director of engineering at Atomic, who was also the co-founder of the Hack the North event in 2014.

"There's just an enormous amount of attraction and interest in this space in general and Ethereum itself has received a great amount of attention, which is phenomenal," Horne told Commitech News.

"More people now realise the potential of the technology, but what has not really been moving at the same pace, but I think really needs to be, is just more developer interest."

Ethereum is essentially a decentralised computer shared across global community of dedicated users, focused on exploring decentralised applications and a new architecture for the next generation of the internet.

ETHWaterloo will bring many of the most talented hackers and developers from across, where they will get the chance to be mentored by influential leaders working on blockchain technology such as University of Waterloo dropout and Ethereum founder, Vitalik Buterin.

The hackathon will invite over 60 teams to compete during the weekend. Judging the hackathon will be a group of experts including Buterin, Joseph Lubin, Jeff Coleman, William Mougayar, Joey Krug, Stephan Tual and others.

Applications will open later this summer, but interested developers can sign up now at or follow @ETHWaterloo for updates.