The Winter Soldier
Chris Evans as Captain America and Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow marvel

While Captain America: The Winter Soldier brought extensive changes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, more twists are coming with Captain America 3.

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo, who have been busy promoting Captain America: The Winter Soldier's home video release, dropped a few hints about Captain America 3.

Speaking with Crave Online, co-director Joe Russo promised that Captain America 3 will include a game-changing twist similar to the collapse of the Hydra-infested S.H.I.E.L.D. in its 2nd instalment.

Russo explained, "The big thing we knew we had to deal with in Cap 2 was the fall of Hydra. Similarly, there is a very, very big idea at the center of Cap 3."

He continued that it "alters the universe as a whole in some way."

When asked if the directing duo had been building up to a third film in The Winter Soldier, Joe said, "Yeah, I think the way Kevin does it is there are big pieces that he knows he wants to build towards, but the way that you get there is open to interpretation and improv a little bit."

While Feige has control on many things, Joe Russo says, "Usually it's just one big idea that alters the universe as a whole in some way, that has interconnectedness that he's grabbed on to. That's the case with Cap 3, but as far as villain and story arc and tone, all that stuff is left up to us."

Joe continued, "The big thing we knew we had to deal with in Captain America 2 was the fall of Hydra. Similarly there is a very, very big idea at the center of Captain America 3. But how we get there is all up to us."

He added, "I think why Marvel has been so successful is because it's been such a clear plan, that everything is interconnected and they're building emotional capital with each movie that you can then trade off of in the next film."

Recently, Joe Russo also teased the Captain America 3 title. He said, "I think when people learn the title of Cap 3, they'll understand that Marvel is continuing to take really big swings."

"That title is coming soon. Shortly. Very, very soon," he teased.

The events in The Avengers: Age of Ultron next May will also have an impact on Captain America 3, which comes out a year later, and the events from Captain America 3 could then be felt down the line in The Avengers 3 and other Marvel films.

Captain America 3 opens in theatres on May 6, 2016.