• Championship outfit Bristol City land plum quarter-final tie against holders Manchester United at Ashton Gate
  • After coming from behind to stun Tottenham at Wembley, West Ham are handed another London derby against Arsenal
  • Chelsea host Bournemouth and Manchester City travel to Leicester
  • Draw eventually pre-recorded at Twitter HQ after a technical delay lasting almost two hours
  • Ties will be played the week commencing 18 December
Carabao Cup

That just about wraps up our coverage of this afternoon's calamity, thanks for sticking with us.

I will be back on Saturday to bring you live coverage of a busy seven-strong slate of Premier League games that includes Manchester United vs Tottenham, Arsenal vs Swansea, Liverpool vs Huddersfield, West Brom vs Manchester City and Bournemouth vs Chelsea.

Until then, it's goodbye.


A reminder that those quarter-final fixtures will take place during the week commencing 18 December.


Thank goodness that's now all over and done with. An utter shambles.

A London derby between Arsenal and West Ham is probably the pick of the ties, while Bristol City will relish a massive test against Manchester United at Ashton Gate.


Bristol City vs Manchester United


Leicester vs Manchester City


Arsenal vs West Ham


Chelsea vs Bournemouth


The draw has been pre-recorded...




Thanks to my colleague Tony Mogan, who certainly did not envisage that this farce of a draw would still not be completed by the end of his shift.

Still the wait goes on. Absolutely ridiculous.


Still no indication as to when this draw will take place. Cancel it. The whole competition. Try again next year. Let's all move on with our lives.


Imagine the Twitter meltdown when after all this, Manchester United get a cushy home tie against Bristol City.


Eight teams. Four ties. One hat. An hour and 20 minutes later, and we are still waiting.


Just give it to Red Bull until the end of the season so we can all go home.




And here come the memes.


We are about five minutes away from bringing you the most pointless endeavour in the history of cup competition; predicting the draw ourselves.

Please, Carabao and Twitter, for all that is good and holy, don't let it come to this.


Why can't someone just Periscope this from their phone?


At the risk of sounding ridiculously optimistic, we should be underway any minute now...


Any respect the Milk Cup/Littlewoods Challenge Cup, Rumbelows Cup/Worthington Cup/Carling Cup/Carabao Cup has surely been lost now. A dark day for the competition.


Right, hopefully this time are are actually just 10 minutes away from the draw starting. Phil Tufnell and Matt Dawson have a lot to answer for here...


Plenty of time now, boys.


The Carabao Cup already has a proud history of farcical draws.

Round 1: Millions tuned into see Charlton Athletic drawn twice in the ceremony held in Bangkok.

Round 2: The needless introduction of a third set of balls to determine whether seeded teams played home or away added to the fun, with poor John Salako left baffled by the change in the Sky Sports studio that afternoon. He wasn't the only one, cuing plenty of inter-club banter on Twitter.

Round three: After that debacle, why not move the entire thing to Beijing and hold it at quarter past 4 in the morning? That's what Carabao did, with millions waking up in the morning having completely forgotten the competition had existed.