Cazorla and Ozil
Cazorla is excited about his new partnership with Mesut Ozil at Arsenal. [Reuters].

Santi Cazorla is excited about his new partnership with Mesut Ozil at Arsenal and believes that the German star is enjoying life more in London than in Madrid because of his new lifestyle.

Ozil's time at Real Madrid was difficult because he was unable to adapt to Spanish life and although he was one of the favourite players among Real supporters, some critics accused him of hiding in the big games.

"Ozil is an amazing player. I am lucky to share every day with him. He is enjoying at Arsenal and at London. He feels a lot of difference in the London's lifestyle away from the pitch and he is happy with the confidence that Wenger gives to him," Cazorla told Spanish Radio Station Cadena Ser.

Some Real Madrid players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos complained about Ozil's move to the Premier League, because they felt that he was vital to the team.

"It's a little weird that Real Madrid let Ozil leave. He is the kind of player that gives you different things. He adds something extra. For us has been really good," added Cazorla.

The Spanish midfielder is really happy with Arsenal's start to the season but he was cautious when the journalist asked him about winning the Premier League.

"We have started the season really well. We are happy and the supporters are very excited but the season is long. We must remain grounded. We have not got anything yet. We want to keep the [current] level to have chances for the tittles after many years without winning any. It is going to be tough," said Cazorla.

However, he admitted that what Arsenal have done so far gives them hope for the future.

"It is important to start the season well. We had last season's example when we started bad and it complicated our performance for the rest of the year. Looking at us on the top, with the big teams, gives us confidence. I hope we can stay there for a long time."

Furthermore, he discussed Arsenal's options in the Champions League group stage, where even though the Gunners hold top spot, Napoli and Dortmund still have a really good chance of qualifying.

"The victory in Dortmund gives us a lot of morale. Our group is very even. We are going to fight until the end" said the Spaniard.

"I prefer Napoli [to progress] rather than Dortmund [due to his friendship with compatriots Reina, Albiol, Callejon, Benitez and Reina] but the most important thing is that Arsenal go through to the next round."

Cazorla was out for over a month due to an injury in his ankle and although he has played really well since he came back, he believes he has not yet recaptured his top form.

"I still have some problems. Obviously, I am better but I hope to be at 100% soon to get back my top level. Every day I am better but this is bugging me. I still need a point to be perfect."

Cazorla, who used to play as a winger for Malaga and Villarreal, has more freedom at Arsenal and believes this is better suited to his style.

"Since I arrived to Arsenal, Wenger gave me a lot of freedom. I am very happy and I hope I can keep helping the team."