It was the press conference that much of the tech industry had been waiting for, and apart from the lack of a Galaxy S4 and transparent, portrait television, the South Korean company delivered, with a wide range of new products for every part of the home.

Samsung 4k TV
Credit: Reuters

The show-stopper for use was Samsung's Ultra HD television, measuring in at 85 and 110in, making it the largest television of its kind in the world.

Ultra HD TV is the standard for televisions that have a resolution four times greater than that of a regular 1080p HD television, and the technology was previously known as 4K.

While UltraHD televisions by Sony, LG and Sharp all look like conventional TVs, Samsung has gone for a different approach. Acutely aware of how enormous these screens are, the company has created a metal frame in which the screen appears to be suspended.

Looking somewhat similar to an artist's easel, the screen can be tilted up or down within the frame, which also holds in place a 120-watt, 2.2 speaker system, surrounding the display.

Ultra HD content is just about impossible to find at the moment - and it certainly isn't on any Blu-Ray discs - so to overcome this hurdle Samsung has included some clever upscaling technology that converts regular HD footage into 4K - we suspect in much the same way Blu-Ray players can help improve the quality of DVDs.

Samsung UltraHD Television

The enormous 4K televisions feature Samsung's all-new Smart Hub software, S-Recommendation with voice controls, and the set is powered by a 1.35GHz quad-core processor.

As for connectivity, there are four HDMI ports and an optical audio socket. All that's missing, sadly, is the price - which we expect to be around £20,000 - and a UK release date, although Americans can get their hands on the 85in model from March.