The 200th birth anniversary of one of the greatest writer's of the Victorian era, Charles Dickens, is being celebrated all over the world on Tuesday, February 7, 2012.

But a lingering question on many people's mind would be: Is Dickens' Oliver Twist and Pip still relevant at a time when the boy wizard Harry Potter leads the young readers to his magical world?

However, a look at the Twitter messages reveals that Charles Dickens and his characters are well accepted and are still loved by young readers all over the world.

"Happy birthday Charles Dickens, 200 today and still the greatest English storyteller."

"Happy Birthday Charles Dickens, a spectacular author."

"Happy Birthday Charles Dickens :) your works are still being read and cherished, even though you're long gone".

Prince Charles and David Cameron also tweeted about the birth anniversary celebrations of the acclaimed author.

Prince Charles
Prince Charles
David Cameron
David Cameron

It's not only Twitter, but the digital world is also congratulating the acclaimed author with all the latest technologies.

Google has launched a doodle to celebrate Charles Dickens' birth anniversary and the University of Warwick has decided to launch a mobile app dedicated to Dickens.

The new mobile app will give access to podcasts, articles and videos on Victorian era Britain.

Though we may not live in the Victorian era, the nature of human misery- exploitation, injustice, poverty- is part of life in many countries in the world. And that makes Charles Dickens still relevant for this tech savvy, internet generation.