Charlie Sheen
Hollywood star Charlie Sheen Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

The former star of American sitcom "Two and a Half Men", Charlie Sheen, was royally tricked by a Canadian duo of comedians, who reportedly offered him a role in a sequel to Oscar-award winning film "The Artist".

According to the Times of India, the two comedians (called the Masked Avengers) - Marc-Antoine Audette and Sebastien Trudel - who have their own radio show in Canada, called Sheen two weeks after the Academy Awards in February and pretended to be Jean Dujardin, the actor who won Best Actor for "The Artist".

Apparently Sheen was delighted with the offer and accepted it saying: "Thank you for considering me, that's very sweet." He even agreed to move to France, if necessary.

"We realised that when you've just won an Oscar, you can ask for whoever you want and get them. We could have offered him anything and he would have signed on, then and there," the Daily Express quoted Trudel as saying.