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Are you missing Charlie Sheen in the new avatar of "Two and a Half Men"?

The series does seem to have gone a little downhill after the veteran actor was "killed" in the ninth season of the show. Fortunately, for all you Charlie Sheen fans out there, we have good news!

CBS is planning to write the ghost of Charlier Harper (Sheen's character in the serial) into the sitcom; the episode is scheduled for 30 April and viewers will be treated to Kathy Bates of "Harry's Law" fame playing the ghost.

If you're wondering about the irony of Charlie Harper's ghost being a woman... we'll just have to wait for the episode to air to find out how things go. Meanwhile, apparently the poor relationship between the actor and the production house is the reason why he will not be returning in person.

Sheen is now promoting his new series "Anger Management", which will premiere 28 June, on FX.

" #AngerManagement day 2 Heading to the set! can't remember being this excited to work! 'The writing is epic! Cast is unreal! I'm very lucky!" Sheen tweeted earlier.