If you thought the Charlize Theron sex tap was another embarrassing moment for another celebrity - not unlike Kim Kardashian and Tulisa Contostavlos - get ready for a laugh!

Apparently the whole incident was an April Fool's Day prank, associated with US-based Web site Funny or Die; to see the video, click here...

The tape starts with the Academy Award-winning actress saying: "Oh my God, I'm so nervous. I've never made a sex tape before. I hope nobody sees this that's not supposed to see this."

According to The Sun, the actress then takes a dig at celebrities like Tulisa and Kim and appears to order men dressed in bondage gear before saying: "Move over Paris and Kim 'cause I'm into some real kinky s**t."

Towards the end of the tape, she says: "Cry for me. Cry for me louder", and is then seen moaning on the bed.

So how many people did Theron manage to fool?