John Terry
Chelsea skipper John Terry is expected to sign a new contract at Stamford Bridge Getty

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has guaranteed captain John Terry will remain at Stamford Bridge next season and says Kurt Zouma's future at the club will be as a centre-back rather than in the midfield.

Meanwhile, the boss has refused to confirm whether Petr Cech will stay at the west London club next season, saying the goalkeeper will make his own decision - and the Blues will wait for it.

Terry's current contract is due to expire at the end of the season but, as a crucial player for Mourinho, the Portuguese boss has now assured the captain will sign a new deal before the end of the campaign to commit his future to the Blues.

"Before the end of the season for sure [it will be sorted out] but what I can guarantee is he will be a Chelsea player next season because I know what my board tells me and the player tells me, so no doubt he is going to get his contract. I don't have doubts," Mourinho said during the press conference ahead of the game against West Ham United on 4 March.

What I can guarantee is John Terry will be a Chelsea player next season because I know what my board tells me and the player tells me
- Jose Mourinho

Nevertheless, the manager has suggested that even though Terry is proving he "is a player for years", the club have to work in finding a replacement for the near future.

"These big guys are difficult to replace but at the same time you still have the player and he is still an important player but you have to start thinking what next. That is the best way to do things," Mourinho said.

"Sometimes you have the solution around the corner and sometimes you have to look outside your club but this is a process that we can take our time over because John is proving again this season that he is a player for years.

"When I came back last year he was coming from a difficult period but last year he was good and this year even better. He has time to improve his football with us and gives us time to think about what next.

Zouma to stay in defence rather than adopt midfield role

The Portuguese manager says he does not see Zouma as a future midfielder even though the French starlet had an impressive game after replacing the suspended Nemanja Matic during the League Cup victory over Tottenham Hotspur.

"Zouma is not a midfield player or his future to be a midfield player but the team is better when we know the qualities of everybody, when we know everybody can be extra in some details and if he can do that for us," he said.

"We didn't have Matic and Mikel, the natural players to play in this position, and in a final where it was very important to keep the balance of the team and it was important to have somebody who could do that job.

"I don't like to ask players to do something they are not comfortable to do, especially in a final where you already have enough pressure, but he was showing every day in the week that confidence and he did very well for us but I repeat it is not his future to play in that position."

Meanwhile, questioned whether he will try to convince Cech to remain at the west London club, Mourinho said: "Cech will make his decision and when he makes his decision he is very mature to make the best decision for him and for his future and I will just wait, wishing his decision is to stay.

"I would like him to stay but I don't lose my time trying to persuade him as nobody can persuade him. If he tells me he wants to leave I will tell him my opinion and it is that he is one of the best three goalkeepers in the world."