Frank Lampard admitted that the opportunity to beat Jose Mourinho's Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday has provided him with extra motivation. The Chelsea boss thinks that Mourinho will be keen to beat his old club.

When Mourinho took over as the Spurs' manager, his club was 12 points adrift of Chelsea. However, since then, Tottenham experienced an upsurge in form. Together with multiple defeats for the Blues, the gap was reduced to just three points. Both clubs have played 17 matches each. While Chelsea has 29 points to its name, Spurs are standing on 26 points.

Lampard won two Premier League titles for Chelsea under Mourinho's managerial leadership. As a result, the Blues' manager believes that both teams will be extra motivated during Sunday's clash.

This is Lampard's first year as a Premier League manager. Three years ago, he bid farewell to his 21-year playing career. Ever since he took over the managerial responsibilities for the Blues in July, Lampard has introduced a unique brand of football. He has proved to be a quick learner.

Frank Lampard (left) and Jose Mourinho
Frank Lampard (left) and Jose Mourinho enjoyed great success together at Chelsea Getty Images

Lampard was asked how he feels about facing his old manager and whether he desperately wants to beat Mourinho.

He replied, "I think it will be special. I think it will make a difference to me, I think it will make a difference to him. We're both professionals, we're driven, and sometimes when you come across someone you worked with or a club that you worked with, it pushes you on that little bit more in the best possible way. And it's Tottenham-Chelsea, that game has enough anyway. And then you have Jose Mourinho there. And he's going to be desperate to beat us, let's make no bones. In my professional head, yes (it would mean more to beat him). I want to go up against the best. When I've gone up against Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp this season, of course, you want to say, 'Can I show against these incredible managers what I can do, what my team can do?' So it will be a similar feeling."

Since landing the manager's job for Spurs, Mourinho has won four of his five Premier League games. Lampard feels that Tottenham are back in the race to finish in the top four.