Four people have died in a shooting of a British registered vehicle near the Alpine Lake Annency (Twitter) Reuters

Four people have died in the shooting of a British registered vehicle near the French tourist resort of Lake Annecy, in the Alpine Haute Savoie region.

Three people died in the car, along with a male cyclist close by. Another passenger in the car, a girl aged under 10, is in critical condition.

The three car victims, believed to be from the same family, were travelling near the town of Chevaline in a BMW 4X4 which had UK licence plates.

The victims were found riddled in bullets following a "deliberate assassination," according to a source quoted by the Daily Mail.

Police believe the cyclist may have tried to assist the victims during an armed robbery.

"There were three bodies found in a British-registered vehicle in a roadside parking area outside Chevaline," a a police spokesman told The Daily Telegraph.

"A young girl probably under the age of ten was found to have been seriously injured by gunfire. A male cyclist was also found shot dead at the scene.

"The entire area has been sealed off while a full multiple murder investigation is underway."