Bulldozer battle in Hebei, China
At least six bulldozers have been involved in a huge fight in Hebei province, China on a main road Shanghai Expat / YouTube

If you needed further proof that humans want giant robot mecha suits so that they can have a big fight, look no further. In China, rival construction companies have settled their differences by having a huge fight in the middle of a main road using none other than bulldozers.

In a video posted on YouTube on Saturday 17 April by Shanghai Expat, construction workers in at least six bulldozers are seen ramming into each other in Xingtang county, Hebei province.

In the midst of passing traffic, two bulldozers began ramming into each other, before one of the bulldozers is completely overturned. Four more bulldozers quickly turn up for back-up, and the driver of the overturned bulldozer is seen jumping out of the cab and running to get into another bulldozer to continue the fight.

According to AP, police say that at least two of the bulldozers were flipped over in the clash of heavy machinery, which was an escalation of an argument between two construction companies that have been competing for business.

China's construction industry has slowed dramatically and the rate of construction output between 2014-2020 is forecast to grow at only a rate of 3.9% annually, which is a historic low. Property construction accounts for almost one quarter of China's total economy, and its slowdown is causing a ripple effect in other industries like cement, glass and steel.

China is now suffering from an ageing population and a declining labour force, as over 15% of the population is now over 60 years old thanks to the infamous one-child policy that was imposed by the Chinese Communist Party.

It will take years to undo the effects of the policy, which has now been reversed, but an increase in population, particularly in urban areas, will be needed to boost the flagging economy.