Chris P Bacon
Chris P Bacon (Reuters)

A month-old piglet who was born without the use of his back legs has been given a new wheelchair for Valentine's Day.

Florida piglet Chris P Bacon made headlines last month when his owner and vet, Len Lucero, uploaded a video of him on YouTube.

He had made Chris a wheelchair from K'nex toys and, having outgrown his last chair, he has now got a new mode of transport. Eventually the piglet will use a dog wheelchair.

Chris was brought to Lucero by a woman who wanted to have him put down because of his disability.

Chris P Bacon
The piglet\'s first set of wheels were made from K\'nex toys (Facebook)

However, Lucero decided Chris deserved another chance and posted a video of the piglet online.

Since then, Chris has amassed a huge following, with over 17,000 fans on Facebook and one of his videos having over 500,000 views.

On his Facebook page, the piglet says: "My name is Chris P. Bacon. I am a pig in a wheelchair. My veterinarian Dr Len Lucero decided that I needed to be given a second chance.

Chris P Bacon
Chris had outgrown his last wheelchair (Reuters)

"A young woman reluctantly brought me to Dr Lucero and asked that I be euthanized because she did not know what kind of life I would have. I have a congenital defect that affects my rear legs, but I am otherwise happy and healthy.

"I went home with Dr Lucero that day, so that I would have a chance at life as a handicapped pig. I live in Florida and love my new life! Thanks for sharing it with me!"

Lucero said: "He's cute. He grunts. And he's got a pretty cute little wheelchair.

Len Lucero
Len Lucero constructed a new set of wheels (Reuters)

"He was healthy and I was afraid he would have eventually met his maker.

"He just makes me happy. [I get] three or four hours of sleep a night, if that, because I'm trying to keep up with all his media."

"I want my piggy to be famous. My goal is to put him out there because he makes people happy."