Pop star Christina Milian has hit out a fan who accused her of dating wealthy men like Lil Wayne for their money.

The 32-year-old actress, who is worth an estimated $4.5million, flew into a rage after woman brought up her dating history on Instagram and accused her of being a gold digger.

In an epic rant, she insisted that she didn't need financial support from anybody and was tired of misconceptions that a man paid for her nice things.

"I'm tired of anyone accusing my hard work and money or anything that I do as someone else buying for me. I BOUGHT it myself. I work honey. A Lot. I SAVE. And I spend wisely. Tell your friends. Your grand kids and anyone else. I'm so over hearing that bs "GOLD DIGGER" comment. I am far from that. HARD WORK PAYS OFF," she said.

She went on to insist that not only does she have a strong work ethic, she is also good at managing her millions.

"I am built to work. I love what I do and I don't expect anyone to count what I got cause y'all just don't know. But seriously anyone claiming that statement is wrong. I could list billion things I invested into that relationship and others but I don't have time for that.

"I usually keep my mouth shut but as a woman I'm tired of people assuming that when a girl has nice cars, a house, lavish things etc...That it's because someone else bought it. Matter fact, I've literally bought my ex a car but nobody talking about that. AND he kept it...I didn't ask for it back.

"A gift is a gift. Im not worried I will be blessed beyond. But please it right. Women get money too. Women will never grow if we don't break this mentality or keep putting each other own by ASSuming that we can't take care of OURSELVES, a family and employ others...Male and female".

In July Milian raised eyebrows when she was spotted cuddling up with Lil Wayne at the BET Awards, less than two weeks after calling off her 14-month engagement to Jas Prince.

The pair piled into the back seat of a waiting car after calling it a night at the after party held at Hollywood's Playhouse nightclub.

Milian has previously been to music producer The-Dream and they have a daughter, Violet Madison Nash. When the couple divorced in 2010 she walked away with support checks and 10% of his publishing royalties.