Christine Bleakley, the girlfriend and fiancée of Chelsea footballer Frank Lampard apparently wants a lot of about her body to be changed... starting with her rear!

"Where should I start?! My a*** is one... it's all the usual bits isn't it? The bottom area, the legs, the belly. Also, with summer looming you think: 'Oh my god, I might actually have to get my legs out in a skirt again'. And you become a little more self-conscious," the Dancing on Ice presenter told The Sun.

It is admittedly difficult to understand where someone like Christine is coming from, when she says things like this.

Meanwhile, the rich and fancy couple is knee-deep in controversies surrounding their wedding. Apparently, the two bribed other couples to give up on wedding venues so that they could have that particular date. The duo has, however, denied all allegations.

"I'd never in a million years ask someone to move a wedding. Stuff like that makes you out to be a horrible person," Christine was quoted as saying by The Sun.

According to a newspaper in Ireland, Lampard offered a couple £100,000 to switch their day at the Galgorm Manor Hotel in Co Antrim, near Christine's family home. He is also said to have offered to pay off another pair's mortgage if they cancelled their wedding at Dromoland Castle Hotel, Co Clare.

"All these tales are just an urban myth. The same rumours circulated when David and Victoria Beckham announced they were to wed," a source close to the couple said.

Finally, Christine has dismissed all notions of plans or dreams for the big day.

"I honestly don't care whether the napkins match the colour of the bridesmaids' dresses. I just want a low-key, relaxed day surrounded by the people I love," she explained.

On an aside, Christine is also promoting Reebok's "The Sport of Fitness Has Arrived" campaign, which will launch CrossFit in all towns across the country.

Lampard, meanwhile, is busy with his Chelsea team mates, hunting down fellow London clubs Arsenal and Tottenham and Tyneside outfit Newcastle, for fourth place in the Premier League.