Fresh allegations of sexual abuse have emerged against Jimmy Savile, this time from 45-year-old former cub scout Kevin Cook who waived anonymity to describe in The Sun newspaper how as a young boy he was molested in the TV presenter's dressing room as he appeared on the 'Jim'll Fix it' TV programme.

Mr Cook claims Savile asked him if he was ready to "earn" his badge. When he had finished abusing him, he said that Savile became "very scary" and told him to keep quiet and added: "We know where you live."

"Then he said, 'Nobody would believe you anyway — I'm King Jimmy'." Mr Cook, said the abuse ruined his young life.

In another line of inquiry, prompted by Savile's claims that he was fascinated by dead bodies, are fears that he may have sexually molested corpses at Stoke Mandeville Hospital as he had keys to the morgue and allegedly abused children there.

Scotland Yard is pursuing 340 lines of inquiry in the Savile abuse case and so far 12 allegations of sexual offences have been officially recorded but this number is increasing, police said.

Written and presented by Ann Salter