Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton may not be known for her entertainment value but on Thursday, Clinton proved that she can not only be funny but can also take nonstop jokes when she appeared on Funny or Die's Between Two Ferns.

Comedian Zach Galifianakis's quirky show has attracted several celebrity guests, including President Barack Obama and actor Brad Pitt, the New York Times noted. However, Clinton is the first presidential candidate to appear during this year's election.

In a bid to appeal to millennial voters—she previously appeared on Comedy Central's Broad City in a similar attempt—Clinton took on everything Galifianakis had to throw at her. According to Scott Aukerman, who produces the show and directed the Clinton episode, it was the former secretary of state's idea to appear on the show.

"She really set us at ease early on by being so game to do it," Aukerman told the Times, adding, "and one of the first few jokes she laughed really loud at, so we had to reset."

The nearly six-minute video begins with Clinton asking someone off camera where Galifianakis is as he's seen sauntering over in a gorilla mask before being tackled by security. Galifianakis then says that he hopes Clinton doing Between Two Ferns "puts to rest" criticism made by Clinton's opponents, but Clinton deadpans: "Oh, I think it absolutely proves their case, don't you?"

The interview quickly moves on to Galifianakis asking Clinton: "Are you excited to be the first girl president?" After delving into the historical importance of possibly becoming the first female president, the host notes that for some youngsters, Clinton could also be their first white president.

The joke mimics Galifianakis' quip with Obama that he would be the last Black president during his 2014 appearance.

Galifianakis continues, asking Clinton how fast she could type when she was secretary [of state] and what would happen if she became pregnant during the job. "Are we going to be stuck with Tim Kaine for nine months?" he asks, to which she sarcastically replies: "I could send you some pamphlets that might help you understand."

The interview turns to Clinton's GOP rival Donald Trump. "Oh lets," Clinton says with a smirk. She denies she will move to Canada if Trump is elected but noted she will try to make sure he does not ruin the country, albeit without leading a civil war.

Galifianakis sneaks in a couple of personal questions about Trump and wonders aloud if First Lady Michelle Obama wrote Melania Trump's vows to her husband, referencing the plagiarism scandal that hit Melania after the GOP convention.

Later, Clinton is asked a policy question but is interrupted by a Trump advert. "Why would you play a commercial from my opponent in the middle of our interview? she asks. "He paid me in steaks," Galifianakis replies.

The interview finally wraps up with the funnyman asking Clinton if he can keep in touch…through email. Ackerman told the Times there were no plans to interview Trump. "I think he'd cancel it right away," he said.