Cyber Attak
The extensive contract encompasses the support and optimisation of thousands of laptops and desktop computers used by MOD personnel worldwide.

A leading technology services provider Computacenter has been awarded a substantial four-year contract worth £150 million (US$190 million), a government press release stated.

This transformative initiative aims to modernise and enhance digital services across the defence sector, addressing the increasing challenges posed by cyber threats on a global scale.

The extensive contract encompasses the support and optimisation of thousands of laptops and desktop computers used by UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) personnel worldwide.

Additionally, Computacenter aims to create job opportunities at its UK locations, reinforcing its commitment to both national security and economic growth.

With a rapidly changing cybersecurity landscape and persistent threats to essential and governmental services worldwide, the MOD seeks to establish more robust defence strategies. Computacenter, as a leading independent technology and services provider, brings a wealth of experience in cybersecurity solutions, intending to safeguard the digital footprint of its customers.

The comprehensive deal covers over 220,000 devices used by MOD personnel globally, with the primary goal of improving performance standards and access speed across laptops, desktops, peripherals and software applications. This optimisation is projected to result in a substantial reduction of operating costs by approximately £84 million (US$106 million).

The United Kingdom has faced cybersecurity challenges in recent years, including the 2023 electoral register hack and ransomware attacks on its National Health Service (NHS).

Recognising the imperative to enhance its threat landscape, the country has been actively updating its digital infrastructure to counter the escalating cyber threats.

As cyber-attacks continue to rise, a report by Accenture highlights the need for increased industry training and awareness programs. Many employees, including CEOs, acknowledge the critical importance of cybersecurity but lack confidence in their organisations' ability to protect vital assets against cyber threats.

Computacenter's new services for the MOD aim to provide high-quality, secure and sustainable defence services, fostering adaptability to changing needs and market conditions.

Charles Forte, MOD Chief Information Officer, stresses upon the significance of the new partnership, stating: "This new relationship is a significant component in our ongoing progress to bring new business into the team and ensures we are modernising and innovating in support of our international customers to deliver greater value for money."

The Defence Digital improvement program is a key priority for the MOD, with an annual investment exceeding £4 billion (US$5.92 billion) dedicated to digital transformation. This initiative is aimed at streamlining departmental processes and increasing operational capability to meet evolving security challenges.

This strategic move highlighted the importance for global businesses and industry leaders to implement robust security measures, as per the release. As the cyber threat landscape continues to intensify, safeguarding sensitive data becomes paramount.

Recent incidents, such as ransomware attacks on government systems worldwide and the impact of cyber warfare in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, highlight the critical role of cyber defence strategies.

James Cartlidge MP, Minister for Defence Procurement, stressed the significance of digital transformation for the MOD: "Delivering on our digital transformation will ensure high-quality, rapidly accessible global data, which is a critical component of our fighting power. Bolstered technology can strengthen our deterrence, our resilience and our national prosperity."

Defence Digital, established in 2019, amalgamated various organisations, including Information Systems and Services (ISS) and operates with an annual budget exceeding £2 billion.

Led by Chief Information Officer Charlie Forte, Defence Digital plays a crucial role in information warfare within the Ministry of Defence, ensuring effective deployment of digital and information technology to military and business front lines.

MOD's Defence Digital organisation collaborates with industry through its Industry Customer Engagement Forum (ICEF), where MOD ISS and industry representatives convene regularly for continuous self-improvement around MOD-provided ICT services.

The forum aims to achieve improved requirements, better solutions, reduced business continuity risks, increased productivity, enhanced end-user satisfaction and reduced costs.