Prince Dead
Prince performing on stage during the Purple Rain tour Getty

Five of Prince's siblings appeared in court on Monday 2 May for the first hearing to attempt to figure out how to untangle the singer's estate. There have been disagreements about how to proceed as the Purple Rain star may not have left a will.

In a packed court, Carver County District Judge Kevin Eide asked whether anyone was aware of a will, but there was no answer from the room. Lawyers for Bremer Trust – who have been entrusted to handle matters involving the estate - said that a will had not yet been discovered but the search would continue.

"The court is not finding that there is no will, but that no will has yet been found," the judge said.

Prince's Minnesota properties and assets, including his Paisley Park studios are believed to be worth about $100 million (£68 million) according to the BBC, but earnings from his music after death are likely to vastly increase, according to experts.

Prince's four half-siblings – Alfred Jackson, Norrine Nelson, Sharon Nelson and Omarr Baker were there for the hearing which lasted just over 12 minutes. A fifth relative, John Nelson, did not show up.

Tyka Nelson, who is the singer's only full sibling, sat at a table between her two lawyers. None of the relatives gave a comment to the press afterwards but Frank Wheaton, the lawyer representing Alfred Jackson said that all the relatvies were co-operating. "Everyone is in full accord," he said.

Settling the celebrity's estate could take years. "It's a real mess that he left behind," said Judith Younger, a University of Minnesota law professor told AP. "I find it so hard to believe,' Younger said, noting how meticulous Prince was to keeping control of his music and other business affairs. "How can there not be a will?"