Jose Mourinho has buried the hatchet with Cristiano Ronaldo despite the problems that the Portuguese compatriots had last season at Real Madrid.

The current Chelsea manager has apparently forgotten those issues and recently praised Ronaldo in an interview with France Football Magazine.

Mourinho said: "Coaching Cristiano has been the best thing to have happened to me. He is the most professional player I have ever seen.

"Why? Because if I let him pass ahead of me he would be mobbed immediately, and I would be free to pass by in no hurry."

The Chelsea manager worked with Ronaldo during the three seasons that he was Real Madrid manager -between 2010 and 2013- and, although they were really close at the beginning, their relationship broke down at the end of last season.

The problems between the two Portuguese began after Mourinho criticised Ronaldo for his lack of commitment in some press conferences, and carried on last summer when the Chelsea manager told to ESPN that "the real Ronaldo was the Brazilian striker and not Cristiano".

Cristiano answered his old manager by saying that he "did not want to even mention" Mourinho's name because "he did not deserve it".

However, it looks like now the Chelsea manager wants to make peace with his old mate despite admitting that they have some issues in the past.

"Between a manager and a footballer can be differences but the thing stayed there. I have not got any problem with Cristiano" Mourinho said.