A new mobile game has been launched in North Korea and it features the Portuguese football maestro, Cristiano Ronaldo. The mobile game is known as "King of Scoring 2019." Right from its launch, the game is reported to have been enjoying popularity among the North Korean gaming community. The game also features many notable active football players who appear in the numerous European leagues.

"King of Scoring 2019" allows its users to choose any player of their choice and practice different football skills by learning them on screen. A report claims that more people are fond of selecting Ronaldo as their virtual football avatar while playing this particular mobile game.

According to the BBC, the mobile game is most likely to have been inspired by "Pro Evolution Soccer," a Japanese football game. Pro Evolution Soccer has been around since 2001.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo scored four goals for the second time on the international stage as Portugal hammered Lithuania AFP / Petras Malukas

Reports also claim that there has been a surge in mobile game development in North Korea, as more people are choosing this particular entertainment medium as their favorite pastime activity. Some of the most popular games to be marketed in North Korea are educational in nature. For example, "Preserving Health" and "Journey for Maths" are some of the most popular ones to have been adopted by game enthusiasts.

Apart from these educational games, war-themed mobile games are also increasingly getting popular. These games allow users to use newly-developed weapons for destroying their virtual enemies.

Experts say that the rising popularity for mobile games in North Korea wouldn't have been possible without the proliferation of mobile devices inside the country. To meet the ever-growing demands, the country has come up with its own line of smartphone manufacturing facilities.

In early September, North Korea launched its latest smartphone model which is named "Gildongmu." The term's translation stands for "fellow traveller." The device is highly sought after within the country as it comes with high-end tech features such as face recognition capabilities and fingerprint sensor for unlocking.

In this regard, critics expressed their doubts on whether the country has produced its own smartphone devices. They reportedly stated that for North Korean brands, it's common to put their labels on Chinese manufactured phones.