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Crystal analyses email recipient's online presence and offers corrections based on their personality. CC

A new tool has launched that claims to be the "biggest improvement to email since spell-check" by suggesting different communication styles based on the recipient's personality type.

Crystal creates unique personality profiles by analysing the online presence of email contacts in order to tell the sender which words, phrases, style and tone to use.

A short personality profile is provided, followed by suggestions on what to say and what not to say in an email to avoid miscommunication.

"Sean is naturally skeptical and at times blunt, so keep emails short and don't get offended by quick responses that seem cold," a sample profile reads, followed by suggestions to use phrases like "the end goal," and "You can do better than that".

The tool can also offer real-time corrections to emails, similar to the way a spelling or grammar-check works.

gmail Crystal personality profile email
Crystal gives suggestions on how best to address someone and offers corrections as you type IBTimes UK

Crystal takes the form of both a Google Chrome extension for use with Gmail, as well as a website that allows you to search for people through an online directory.

Depending on how much of an online presence someone has, the tool delivers an "accuracy confidence" for its profiling. This is based on public social media posts, Google search results and other publicly available online data sources.

According to Crystal's website: "The insights [provided] are recommended strategies for communicating with someone that has [the recipient's] specific personality type, based on several widely-accepted personality assessments, like the Five-Factor Inventory, DiSC and True Colors.

"Crystal is not intended to provide a 100% perfect personality reading, but can provide useful insights to improve communication with anyone that has an online presence."

While potentially a useful tool for avoiding miscommunication with strangers and acquaintances, it could raise privacy concerns when employed by advertisers and sales people.