After days of violent clashes in Egypt,between anti Mursi protestors and the Police that has left 45 people dead and dozens more injured. The Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi has declared a state of emergency starting today and in place for 30 days for the cities of Port Said, Suez and Ismalia. And a curfew which will last from 9 pm to 6:00.

Following the announcements there were protests on the streets with crowds calling Mursi a dictator. This man speaking here is outraged by the news, he said.

"I am not happy with the curfew. How will they compensate all the people who start working shifts after midnight? Like delivery boys? Some of them work all day at companies and then work at night again. Why Suez? Why did he set a curfew to Suez and Port Said, what's he afraid of?"

After the announcement, Mursi has invited the country's top politicians to a national dialogue meeting today. But with activists in the three cities planning on defying the curfew, more trouble and violence is to be expected.

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Written and presented by Ann Salter