Less than three weeks after it made its debut, the CyanogenMod installer app is no longer on the Google Play Store. The app has been voluntarily taken down after Google informed its creators that it was in violation of PlayStore's terms of service.

Significance of the App

The app was significant because it served as an easy method of installing custom CyanogenMod firmware on an Android device. Initially, users had to follow complex and lengthy installation process. But thanks to the app, CyanogenMod was able to attract general users, who were previously put off by the lengthy and tiresome installation process.

In a blog post, CyanogenMod said, "Today, we were contacted by the Google Play Support team to say that our CyanogenMod Installer application is in violation of Google Play's developer terms. They advised us to voluntarily remove the application, or they would be forced to remove it administratively. We have complied with their wishes while we wait for a more favourable resolution."

Why Did Google Object?

When the CyanogenMod reached out to Google for feedback, the Play Store team responded by saying that even though the application itself was harmless, it encouraged users to void their warranty. Owing to this reason, they wanted it off the store.

However, Google's explanation does not seem logical as all root apps on the Play Store void users' warranty in one way or another.

The team said that in the two weeks during which the app was available, it had seen "hundreds of thousands of installations".

Don't Worry, the App is Still Available

For users who are keen on getting the app, the CyanogenMod team has made it available on their website. Simply click 'Get Started' to get the app and all the required instructions.

The team also said that they will be submitting the app to Amazon and Samsung app-stores.

Will the app face a similar reaction there or will it be welcomed with open arms?