Republic of Liberland
Czech declares new country Republic of Liberland in no man's land between Croatia and Serbia Handout/Liberland's website

A Czech national has declared a new tiny country in a disputed no man's land between Croatia and Serbia naming it Republic of Liberland.

Vít Jedlička, a leading member of a libertarian political party in the Czech Republic, has also proclaimed himself the president of the area which is about seven square kilometres.

Jedlička has invited applications from people across the world to acquire citizenship from the "Republic of Liberland", which he says, is the smallest sovereign state in Europe after the Vatican and Monaco.

The area lies along the Danube, technically a no man's land, which is sometimes referred to as Gornjua Siga.

Drawing inspiration from microstates like Monaco and Liechtenstein, the website of Liberland says its motto is "to live and let live". The website also mentions the national flag and coat of arms of Liberland.

Those who desire to be citizens of Liberland should "have respect for other people and respect the opinions of others, regardless of their race, ethnicity, orientation, or religion, have respect for private ownership, which is untouchable, do not have communist, Nazi or any other extremist past, and were not punished for past criminal offences", according to the website.

The self-proclaimed Liberland's Facebook page says it received more than 3,000 requests for citizenship on a single day after news about the new nation broke out.

The website adds that Liberland's constitution and laws will be framed soon.